Free sexy chatterbots


With bot fever in full swing, it’s no wonder that leading brands and service providers are turning to chatbots to manage millions of one-to-one conversations with their customers.

Considering today's consumers expect exceptional customer service at their fingertips, chatbots offer an attractive solution – automated systems are available 24/7, can cut response times down to a few seconds, allow customers to avoid lines, and provide access to extensive data to enhance the customer experience.

They go online and find the virtual assistant box in the lower right corner, and start to type in their question.

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They even sound kind of sexy: Alexa, Amelia, Siri, Viv.

After creating Facebook Messenger bots for musicians including Hardwell, Olly Murs and Zara Larsson, agency We Make Awesome Sh is spinning the technology off as a standalone startup called The Bot Platform.

The system has already processed more than 10m conversations for clients, who also include Axwell /\ Ingrosso and Bastille.

Tay was nothing approaching a true artificial intelligence — i.e. She was just a sophisticated Twitter chatbot with good branding and a capacity to learn.

But that branding, which positioned her as an “artificial intelligence,” was enough to make Tay susceptible to our cultural narrative about the thinking machine.

Imminently, the rise of the bot will surely allow users to access even quicker, more convenient, more personalized service across a wide range of sectors.

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