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These animals, our very distant ancestors, were extremely different to the fish we know today. There are still some species of fish living today that have this feature, a lack of jaws, and which are, therefore, a part of this group.The term Agnathan unites all the extinct, and the extant (still living) jawless fishes.In Aug 2017: How to Stay Motivated ARIES OR ARIES RISING Naturally not every Aries person in the world is going to have a romantic interlude this month.Got to say, however, that young or old, fit or fragile, mars in the fifth house sextile Jupiter in the seventh – – Well there's a lot of love there.It's openness on your part, a social availability that allows for your heart to sing.

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Despite all these set backs, in the primitive, invertebrate dominated seas of the Paleozoic (570 - 245 MYA), the Agnathans and their ancestors were a very successful group.

Without jaws means they had no bones in their mouths and they could not bite the way modern vertebrates do, they did eat however and they did have mouths.

Even the earliest Agnathans had recognisable heads with a brain of some sort, two or more eyes and a notochord persistent throughout their lives.

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