Dating coins

As news spread, villagers from Malaheda, Hingauta, Khanpur and Bachhren reached the river to collect coins.Nearly 50 coins were collected by the villagers who went to the river with digging instruments.Small change, usually small bronze coins, comprises the huge bulk of excavation coins.They are indicative of the kind of coin that is dropped or lost, with the owner having no intention of, or no chance to recover them.Dinesh Singh from Salempur Khurd said villagers had been collecting coins from the river for nearly 20 days.Generally, women go early in the morning in search of the coins.

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After the experts are finished restoring the items, they will be on exhibit in the Museum of Sofia History, which opens September 17, 2015.The hoard has other coins between those years with various emperors and relatives depicted on them.The coins were cached in a ceramic vessel with lid. The silver coins and their container and an ancient clay lamp, also found during excavations, were turned over to the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.The museum is in a former public bath building near the site of the excavations of Serdica. This is the second-largest coin hoard found in Serdica since excavations began.The part of Serdica where the artifacts were found lies under a square near the St. The blog calls Serdica the precursor of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. They renamed Serdica as Ulpia Serdica, and during Trajan’s reign it became the center of a Roman administrative region.In this Monday, July 31, 2017, image made from a video, David Mc Carthy, a senior numismatist at Kagin's, holds what is believed to be the first coin ever struck by the U. government at the World's Fair of Money in Denver.

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