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• December 8, 2006 PM "You may want to purchase your card from a customer service person in stores that keep their gift cards behind the counter, away from tampering." D'oh!

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But just because you can do something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Neither my dog nor my roommate’s cat responded to anything but the loudest and most excruciating noises coming from the speaker.

These days almost everyone accepts plastic, including the IRS.

Meanwhile my voice was a distorted mess on the Furbo speaker, and my roommate, who has a voice genetically engineered for dull radio announcements, actually sounded like a real person.

The sketchy speaker quality ultimately meant that I had to physically call my landlord on the phone to ask him why the hell he was in my flat.

So, the first thing we need to do is to make certain there is no trace of our malicious activities in those log files.

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