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Parents from the East Midlands fared worst in the country when it came to understanding how safe and free chat differs, with 67 per cent of mums and dads confessing to not knowing the difference.

Ok it's early days, but I am very very happy, and so is he.At the moment, William Hague, following his recent address to the Conservative Party, gave me the shits mercilessly.""Yes," chimes his partner Greig Pickhaver."There's nothing funnier than somebody relentlessly pursuing an idea. The more seriously he apologises to the American community, the funnier he looks." Doyle and Pickhaver (alias "Rampaging" Roy Slaven and H G Nelson, sporting legends, media pundits and now variety stars) have, over the past decade and a half, had Australians in stitches with their intemperate opinions on every subject under the sun, first on a four-hour Saturday afternoon radio programme, This Sporting Life, and then on television in Club Buggery, their own unique spin on the Saturday-night variety show.They hope that making the switch could reduce the level of obesity at population level.The proportion of people in England and Wales who commute by car has increased from 42 per cent to 67 per cent over the last 40 years.This is not the first time that British audiences have seen the pair, however.

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