Lessons millionaires dating digger


I wouldn't be searching for these kind of guys if I wasn't able to match them—in looks, culture, sophistication, and keeping a nice home and hearth.

If my money were to go away, so would you, so when your beauty fades I need an out. So a deal that makes sense is dating, not marriage.In this piece of net lore, a self-described "spectacularly beautiful" woman posts an online personal ad stating her wish to pair off with a marriageable "rich guy" in New York City. is plain and simple a crappy business deal." This exchange is entertaining and has been commented on by those who appreciate the economics lesson given by the respondent. I'm looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year... Dear Pers-: I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma.Description: Viral text / Forwarded email​Circulating Since: September 2007Status: Unknown What am I doing wrong? I'm a beautiful (spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. Are there any guys who make 500K or more on this board? I offer the following analysis of your predicament. S., what you suggest is a simple trade: you bring your looks to the party and I bring my money. But here's the rub, your looks will fade and my money will likely continue into perpetuity..fact, it is very likely that my income increases but it is an absolute certainty that you won't be getting any more beautiful! But back in May when I shot the episode called, “Tale of Two Jimmies” that aired Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013, Drake’s “The Motto” AKA “The YOLO song” was at the height of its popularity. Yes, I know the motto (You Only Live Once) has become trite. and learned the hard way, YOLO does not apply to every life situation, especially when re-runs are involved. Now, the acronym is so mainstream that even kiosks in third world countries like Hermosa Beach are spray-painting it on trucker hats. The Application Next, your scout will call you and ask you to fill out a lengthy application.

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