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An official Double Loot weekend will be upcoming in the next few weekends, I will make sure folks have about 2 weeks notice in advance for this.Greetings EZ Players, Last night I pushed an update that had been on the test server for about 2 weeks now.Halloween is coming up here soon and it is a memorable time of year for EZ players.A chat (ejtsd: cset, magyarul: csevegés) olyan társalgási forma, amely 2 vagy több ember között online (leggyakrabban az interneten keresztül) történik.Try boiling thetailsection in water, ads incredible action & straightens out any crooked ones.After it has incredible action falling and slow retrieve.

Going back to keiteck fat impacts because they are packaged in a protective plastic casing ensuring every tail is perfectly straight which imo is definitely worth 2 or 3 dollars extra From: Comments: the tail is stiff bit easily fixed.You can use this form after rent is significantly overdue, prior to initiating formal eviction proceedings.Double Loot will be on today Saturday (7/15/2017) until the 4AM reboot due to the server being in disarray from some bad code this morning.This ez Landlord Forms’ Premium Notice to Pay Rent or Quit form gets straight to the point when notifying your tenants they must pay their arrears in rent or vacate the premises.(The exact number of days’ warning provided in this notice will vary based on jurisdictional requirements in your area.) When a tenant is behind on rent, this ez Landlord Forms’ Premium Notice to Pay Rent or Quit form will give the tenant two options, to pay the rent owed, or vacate the premises.Everyone please enjoy your family and friends on Memorial day and join us the following weekend to celebrate with your online friends.

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