Dating deets


Lisa co-stars in Nicky Jam’s video for the new single, . The gals shared some pizza, champagne and dessert to discuss the misadventures in the book and what we can learn from all those bad dates.

Even though it’s not quite summer, the time has come for icy refreshments!

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Since her time on MTV2’s , Ramos answers those questions revealing some hysterical dating stories along the way.But there isn’t always a lot of time to plan and prep something special for your sweetie… When it comes to love and romance you know we Divas always have your back. Yep, we enlisted the help of one of our The hardest part of creating a memorable celebration is often figuring out exactly what to do and when.especially when you’re busy making classroom valentines and mailboxes for the kids. We’ve done most of the work for you, so all you have to do print and prep. This really is the perfect, totally EASY idea for a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day. You might remember this fun DIY Valentine’s Countdown that we put together a couple of years ago. You can probably relate to the feeling of having the BEST intentions to do something special and romantic BUT falling short when life gets busy. He’s like, “I think you’re beautiful, a beautiful woman.” A very positive energy, he’s like, “I would love to take you to dinner. Like there’s business opportunities, you know friends sometimes that you’re like, “Oh wait, they’re on Instagram now.” So, he actually sent me a message and um I opened it and was like “Whoa, this messaging.” Like the way he communicated the message, was really nice. So, while Lopez is “being cautious,” right now, “it’s just fun.

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