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READ MORE It’s been a few months since the infamous rudely worded memo Steve Harvey sent to his staff surfaced online, but in interviews, he’s still finding himself between a rock and a hard place over it. Terrence J and Jasmine Sanders were all over each other while partying in New Orleans over the weekend.Of course, most Family Matters fans remember “Steve Urkel’s” fascination with “Laura Winslow” ?

The former #1 player in the world is locked in a nasty dispute with Billy Mc Keague -- the father of her 8-month-old son, Leo. Victoria will not leave her child -- whom she's been breastfeeding until a month ago -- with Mc Keague because she doesn't believe he's capable of caring for the kid.Her attorney, "Disso Queen" Laura Wasser, told the judge her client is more than willing to buy a plane ticket for Mc Keague and put him up in a hotel for the 2-week tournament, but the judge said no.Wasser also told the judge her client already has a valid custody order from Belarus, the country where Victoria, Leo and and Billy are all residents, so it should be game, set, match.Raising ten kids isn’t easy, but with the help of his mother, Connie, his house manager “Aunt” Vette, and longtime girlfriend, Hollywood producer Tracey Edmonds, Deion manages to contain the chaos… “Deion’s Family Playbook” is produced by Edmonds Entertainment, Prime Time Media Ventures and Rogue Atlas Productions in association with Lionsgate Television. Edmonds, Eli Frankel, Deion Sanders and Rob Cornick.the Jasmine exclusively reports, Deion Sanders ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, is pleading with a Texas Court to allow her to appeal her divorce judgement, claiming she wants to continue the fight with her former husband but she is dead broke and can’t afford to pay the court fees.READ MORE In the words of the little girl in the Old School Poltergeist movie: “They’re baaaaack…” Who’s back you ask?

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