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Meanwhile, roughly 6,000 miles away in a small town in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, a young man watched as money began trickling into his Google Ad Sense account.Over the past year, the Macedonian town of Veles (population 45,000) has experienced a digital gold rush as locals launched at least 140 US politics websites.The fraction-of-a-penny-per-click of US display advertising — a declining market for American publishers — goes a long way in Veles.Gruevski said he would submit his resignation to the speaker of parliament on Friday morning.He should allow his VMRO DPMNE party to nominate an interim premier by January 15 as an additional guarantee that he does not interfere in the elections.

The country's geography is defined primarily by mountains, valleys, and rivers.

In the late sixth century BCE the area was incorporated into the Persian Achaemenid Empire, then annexed by the Kingdom of Macedonia in the fourth century BCE.

The Romans conquered the region in the second century BCE and made it part of the much larger province of Macedonia.

The resignation would come into force on 100 days before the elections.

However, Gruevski also noted the uncertainty over the elections date following statements by opposition officials that there are no conditions for free elections as crucial reforms of the political crisis agreement have not been fulfilled."The deal envisages the PM to step down 100 days before elections scheduled on April 24, I want to end all uncertainty for this country to move forward.

The young Macedonians who run these sites say they don't care about Donald Trump.

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