Updating my address book spam

All of the ingredients seemed to scream salad, but what kind of salad?

I think it was the lettuce that “did it” – a crisp and slightly bitter Cos lettuce is the classic leaf in a Caesar salad, and on further rummaging around at the back of the fridge, I discovered some tinned anchovies, which are essential in a Caesar salad dressing.

In a time when email spam has become an everyday nuisance, and when identity theft threatens, DEAs can serve as a convenient tool for protecting Internet users.

Disposable email addresses can be cancelled if someone starts to use the address in a manner that was not intended by the creator.

Plaxo Pulse was the first site to feature a working version of an Open Social container.

Examples are the accidental release of an email to a spam list, or if the address was procured by spammers.

Alternatively, the user may simply decide not to receive further correspondence from the sender.

Today’s recipe for Bacon and Egg Caesar Salad is really just an idea, a suggestion or a culinary note, it’s an assembly job using beautiful locally produced ingredients, and with a rather clever cheat’s dressing idea!

The dressing has all the classic ingredients, but is made in a trice using mayonnaise…..which, works very well.

If the Contacts are not in the Contacts folder, then you either forgot to select the folder when creating an export , or didn’t select the folder when importing the pst-file.

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