Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating properly

The fact that it logs "(null)", means that the outlet is not (yet) connected.When your XIB file gets loaded, the outlets are not immediately connected.It is easy to miss the debug messages in the run log or console when the application doesn’t behave as expected.The following is an example of a debug message that is output to the run log or console: This message indicates that the instance of the Member class is not key-value-coding compliant for the key "named".I created a new NSWindow and XIB file that has outlets to the label and the progressbar and I'm loading it with this: I can't get the label to actually refresh in the new window.I have searched here and google and can't seem to find anything to tell me how to do this in a different window, only that if it's in the main window that it will just refresh (as has always been my experience anyway).Right-click on the object in the XIB file and make sure the outlet is connected.Your NSLog statement ( NSLog(@"%@", _top); ) logs the NSText Field object itself.

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It will mostly cover cocoa problems that I could not find online; one I had to figure out. In SMART Utility, I needed the user to enter a number for the maximum count of bad sectors that would trigger an error.

However, when I try sending set String Value:@"a string" to the text field, it doesn't work. So basically instead I had to pass the original object.

Also, when I try and print the text field object to the command line it says null. That probably does not make any sense but let me know if it needs explaining better.

Also, if I try putting the default text into a string and then try updating the label's text with that string, the label's text is blank rather than the value of the string.

I am defining the string with NSString *def Val = @"something".

This can be done on the command line as follows: This provides more information that can aid you in tracking down which item in Interface Builder has been bound to the wrong key path.

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