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We do not offer the option to request a particular gender of staff.

We do allow children into the scan room but ask parents to ensure they are quiet to enable the sonographer to concentrate on the examination.

If you just need some reassurance or have any pregnancy complications such as bleeding or have had a previous miscarriage an early scan gives you answers to help you plan the next step.

What we do: * check the heartbeat * check the location of the pregnancy * confirm a single pregnancy or multiple * take a measurement of the fetal pole (baby) to accurately date the pregnancy * Check for signs of bleeding or ectopic pregnancy * This scan will accurately diagnose the sex of your baby, at the Verulam Clinic the success rate is 99% * Performed from 16 weeks.

NHS pregnancy tests take place in antenatal departments of hospitals, while private scans are carried out at private healthcare facilities.

Generally speaking, you have a much greater choice of locations if you choose to have a private scan and the facilities tend to be more modern, with private rooms and the latest amenities. In some cases, there may be a wait for NHS services; in contrast, there is usually no waiting time for private scans.

Cost is a major factor for many people when they are choosing whether or not to use NHS or private services.

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There is a change machine located in the main reception of the hospital.

Other scans are offered in pregnancy based on a woman’s medical history and current pregnancy.

These include Growth Scans, Scans of the Placenta, Scans to measure the fluid surrounding baby.

Please remember that as an Equal Opportunities Employer we employ both males and females in this department.

You will be called in to our scan by the next available, appropriately qualified member of staff.

We ask that only 2 guests are in the scan room with the pregnant woman.

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