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Murray decided to take part in the event so he could also raise [...]A number of supporters gathered together in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta this week to light candles during a vigil at Taman Pandang Istana, Jakarta, Wednesday (26/10).

Waluyo — who like many Indonesians uses one name — said they are studying the verdict and will file the appeal within two weeks."The question is exactly how he channelled his sexual needs," the judges said.They concluded the Canadian had a "deviant sexual behaviour" and that his actions could be classified as "inclusive paedophilia".Hearing from you lifts our spirits and helps to raise our hope that this ordeal [...]Posted on Facebook by Penny N. The theme was "Dissecting the JIS Case Fabrication: Those Who Thirst for Justice".[...]Murray Hodgson, Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) Kindergarten and Elementary School Principal participated in the 100-km Jakarta Ultra Marathon in Jakarta, Saturday (12/11/2016).Images of conservative religious dress and punctual mosque visits dominates perspectives of the people populating the vast archipelago.

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