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Slade told SDGLN that he created the event through the social gathering app because the community was in need of a forum where bisexuals-plus can, “get together and be positive about their sexuality.”Over several years of attending social gatherings there was one thing he kept hearing over and over again, "I wish there was a 'Bi Bar' where you could go and be social and just , without having to worry about being called strange for checking out both boys and girls."He says creating the Bi Bar gathering was a great way to address this void in the San Diego LGBT community.

Other areas of interest include active duty military and veterans, victims of destructive mind control (cults), and multiculturalism.

For treatment to be effective, a strong therapeutic relationship is essential.

The recognition wasn’t surprising to Stephen Whitburn, executive director of San Diego Pride, who said the region has consistently fared well when it comes to LGBT acceptance.“We’ve had a very strong and connected LGBT community politically, dating back to the 1970s.

And over the years the community has really worked with our local government officials to build those relationships and to have those discussions that have broken down barriers,” he said.

I feel that the fun thing is really, really important to the concept of Bi Bar.”Bi Bar is not a physical place, rather it is a monthly social gathering in which members decide where to go for an evening at various San Diego venues.

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