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rezident Arkady Ivanovich is not aware of Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings across the Potomac, Kalugin had no knowledge of or contact with the illegals. Alexander Kouzminov ran illegals in Europe and supported them in the U. in our agency.” He says he was an officer for the super-secretive Department 12 (biological espionage), within the K. B.’s most secretive section, Directorate S (illegal intelligence). One source of inspiration for is the Mitrokhin Archive.

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Russian weapons makers see robotics and AI as key to future sales, according to Sergey Denisentsev, a visiting fellow at the Center For Strategic International Studies.'There is a need to look for new market niches such as electronic warfare systems, small submarines and robots, but that will require strong promotional effort because a new technology sometimes finds it hard to find a buyer and to convince the buyer that he really needs it,' Denisentsev said in April.

But it reverses a long trend, and the factors that led to it are worth looking at.

Diseases caused more deaths in 2015 than they did the year before.

Rising mortality from a variety of illnesses caused life expectancy for Americans to drop in 2015 for the first in more than two decades, according to a National Center For Health Statistics study released Thursday.

The drop of 0.1 percent was small ― life expectancy at birth was 78.8 years in 2015, compared with 78.9 years in 2014.

doubted its veracity at first; years later, intelligence experts in the West—and The Americans—have been the beneficiaries of this Russian treasure trove.“Mitrokhin’s Archives are genuine, that’s the real stuff, absolutely,” says Kalugin.

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