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CAMS started off with a team of 20 personnel and started to process Transfer Agency operations during the early nineties.Are you planning to start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in an equity mutual fund scheme, but dreading the paper (and leg) work?In 2007 the company accepted a PE investor to further facilitate help in its operations.In early 2014 India’s Stock Exchange, the NSE, took a position in the Company.The main purpose of this article is just to help you understand, how you can update these FATCA details quickly in 2 min online.All mutual funds investors are supposed to update their information with AMC’s by the end of Dec 2015.The information provided under this section ‘Investor Education’ is solely for creating awareness and educating investors / potential investors about Mutual Fund Schemes and for their general understanding.

While adding a credible deterrent to scare off those with bad intensions.

If an investor fails to update their FATCA declaration, then their additional investments will not be processed in future and any SIP which is currently running will also get stopped.

So it’s suggested that you complete the declaration as soon as possible.

If YES, then you must have got an email from the fund houses where you have invested to provide some additional information about yourself and about your tax residency related questions in the name of FATCA declaration.

In this article I will quickly guide you about what is this FATCA Compliance and how you can update this information with AMC online in 5 min.

So finally, US govt passed this FATCA law and signed treaties with various countries across the world. So now various financial institutions based in India are asking all their customers to give a declaration about their tax residency, place of birth and if they are paying taxes in any other countries.

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