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Users will also be offered dating advice and tips from experts as soon as they sign-up for the app.

If you want to take it to the next level you can hire one of Ona's dating specialists—dating coaches, licensed therapists, matchmakers – by communicating through Ona's text, email or video chat platforms to assess their credentials and paid services.

In addition, anthropological investigations were carried out on 15 cases to confront anthropological expertise to the radiometric method.

Results show that 10 of the 29 cases can be discarded as having no forensic interest (PMI Pb dating restricts the PMI uncertainty to a few years.

Launching first to New Yorkers, Ona, a new dating platform, introduces a better way to meet your match by eradicating algorithms and swiping- as well as peer-to-peer communication—to connect singles who want more than hookups to the best dating specialists.

Available only for i OS, the Ona app is a completely mobile experience that gives motivated singles access to an array of highly vetted and trained service providers – matchmakers, licensed therapists, dating coaches, profile editors, even wingmen – who will use their particular skill set to learn about you, your relationship goals and help you navigate the world of dating.

We apply phylogenetic principles to date this capacity, integrating evidence from archaeology, genetics, paleoanthropology, and linguistics.We show that cultural capacity is older than the first split in the modern human lineage, and at least 170,000 years old, based on data on hyoid bone morphology, FOXP2 alleles, agreement between genetic and language trees, fire use, burials, and the early appearance of tools comparable to those of modern hunter-gatherers.We cannot exclude that Neanderthals had cultural capacity some 500,000 years ago.Recently, several radiometric methods have been proposed to reveal PMI.For instance, Pb dating was added to narrow the PMI interval.Users can connect with the service provider of their choice via text message, email and video chats through the Ona platform and background checks are required for all singles and service providers, making Ona one of the safest dating apps out there today.

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