Updating a mysql table with php


These features provide a lot of power and flexibility, making My SQL significantly more capable than it otherwise might be.In this article I’ll give an overview of each feature, help you understand how to choose among them, and point out some things to watch out for. I assume My ISAM tables without support for transactions, with the following sample data: create table t1 ( a int not null primary key, b int not null, c int not null ) type=My ISAM; create table t2 ( d int not null primary key, e int not null, f int not null ) type=My ISAM; insert into t1 (a, b, c) values (1, 2, 3), (2, 4, 6), (3, 6, 9); insert into t2 (d, e, f) values (1, 1, 1), (4, 4, 4), (5, 5, 5);.

The functionality supports the following use case: page after an unsuccessful attempt to save.

I have to start with one spreadsheet, then insert and/or update the differences from the others.

What I want to do is either insert only the new rows, or insert the new rows and update the changed rows (depending on the scenario). If I want to insert only the rows that will not violate the unique index, I can: Which method to use largely depends on requirements.

If the software must support multiple database backends or versions, perhaps the generic, standard queries are the best bet.

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But it's hard to tell from what has been explicitly given in your question.

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