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Bridging people via fast serious time communication is probably the most critical functions a chat web site can provide.Because there are so many regional and political variants (registers) of Hindi, estimates of the number of native speakers run from 185 to 311 million.There have been many attempts to shoehorn Sanskrit words into modern Hindi; anyone who’s taken yoga knows what an eyeroll that can be.Like the Danish, Hindi speakers gravitate towards English loanwords like कंडोम /kɐɳɖom/ “condom,” especially when the alternative is गर्भ निरोधक आवरण /gɐrbʱ n̪ɪrod̪ʱɐk aʋrɐɳ/ “pregnancy inhibitor sheath.” Of those 311 million, there are definitely some hunks.Bodybuilding and vegetarianism both have a long history in India, leading to some mind-boggling ab definition.There’s also the Holi festival for people who want to be rainbows.

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