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Plan the trip with your closest friends, your partner, or, for a truly Zen experience, by yourself. As we trekked from our car to the beach (still clothed), a man who had parked nearby followed along at a similar pace. “You can see New York pretty well from here,” said our new friend.Indeed, the Manhattan skyline loomed in the distance, towering over Brooklyn’s warehouses. “There’s some pretty good male specimens here.” “Oh, really? “Good to know.” After a long stretch of sand and silence, we neared our destination.But I can honestly say that even after all the cruises I’ve taken, it never once occurred to me that such a thing as nude cruises existed; my closest encounter with nude cruising was Kate Winslet’s painting scene in Titanic (not a bad introduction at all, by the way). So some adults-only cruisers gave Yahoo Travel the naked truth about letting it all hang out on the open seas.But upon learning of its existence, I had a million questions for Nancy and other adult-themed cruisers about sailing aboard the S. Here are the Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Nude Cruising. But on Nancy’s Bare Necessities charters, “all-nude” means just that.If on a future cruise you should discover that the ship you’re about to board just hosted a naked cruise in its last excursion, this should make you feel better: Naked cruisers are barred from sitting on anything without a towel.“The cruise line is very good about placing towels in different areas around the ship,” Nancy says.Though prudish local ordinances override our state’s otherwise lax approach to public nudity, there’s one special place where you can let it all hang out: Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area.The peninsula’s naturalist tradition goes back to its days as a military base, when soldiers would strip off their uniforms and skinny dip behind Battery Gunnison.

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The self-serve dining areas, however, are still clothing optional.

Enraquita Lopez to give her breast implants, a breast lift and a tummy tuck.

After the surgery, she felt good about herself, Stillwell says.

Marcelle makes a welcome return today with the companion piece shoot to her ISM video.

This incredibly talented human displays her knack for creating art, both with paint and her immaculate physical form.

J'aurais aime avoir plus de temps devant moi mais je suis vraiment contente de l'avoir fait.

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