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Back then, it was a tough place to be for a young lesbian.

It wasn’t until I went to uni and got taken to the Court Hotel and Connections in Northbridge that I had any idea that there was anything resembling a lesbian culture in Perth. While there’s still no scene to rival lesbian Brunswick in Melbourne or Newtown in Sydney, there are heaps of places to hang out and meet likeminded “Perthonalities”.

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Presbyterian Ladies’ College new principal Kate Hadwen said the college also allowed students to bring ­female friends or female partners.

Edith Cowan University researcher Mandie Shean praised the school’s move.

She said society was pushing young people into adulthood too fast.

That changes it from, ‘Actually, it’s a date’, to, ‘Actually, it’s a friend more so’.

We’ve tried to de-emphasise the whole thing around relationships.“For us, it was more around many of our girls aren’t actually ready or don’t want to be pressured into actually having a partner.”Ms Ethel said the ball needed to boost numbers to meet venue costs, hence guests had to be from outside the school.

However, what’s actually going on underneath the pop-style commentary and tabloid tales of ‘cougars’ and their ‘cubs’?

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