Wu chun dating ella


* The injury resulted in Ella’s absence from the promotion of the popular Taiwanese Idol serial – “The Rose”, where she did a convincing portrayal of the leading actress, Bai He.

In addition, Ella could not be involved in the promotion of S. E’s “Superstar” album, as she had to recuperate and wait for her bone to re-grow.

* 2005: During the filming of RFTS, Ella burned her ears and hair on a candle, prompting crew members to send her to the National Taiwan University Hospital.

In order to recover, Ella stayed away from filming for two days, during which she cut off approximately two centimeters of burnt hair on both sides of her head.* 2009: She wrote lyrics for her friend, Huang Yida’s song entitled “Here” within an hour.

@cute13 and the others...people like you guys that make me wonder if people have common sense. i agree that the tawain version sucks.taiwan hanakimi is only funny because of their stupid expression,ella is so overacting unlike maki,maki is so beautiful and she acts normal.japan's version is the original there's no word hana kimi in taiwan PLEASE have the decency to respect the actors/actresses playing the roles!

Why must you compare one version to another (one actress to another), i know that it is unavoidable but "b*tch please" ella chen is beautiful and maki horikita is too...unless you are blind. ELLA chen is the ugliest among all of the hana kimi´s version..version is the funniest and the korean version has the most beautiful lead female among all the versions.... Horikita Maki is uglier than ella chen.you guys blind or something! I mean she has a great voice but acting and physical features... you have NO right to give such bad comments to such wonderful people. I agree with Takumi--You have no right to say people act ugly! ELLA CHEN is BEAUTIFUL : D I love Ella and Wu chun so much : D I'm not saying that i hate that japanese version it is quite alright!

Her four eldest brothers, Chen Chi (Ken Zhu), Chen Cheng (Chun-Tian Lan), Chen Chuan (Sphinx Ting) and ...

Name: 吳尊 / Wu Chun (Wu Zun) Real name: 吳吉尊 / Goh Kiat Chun Profession: Actor, singer, and model (4 Yi Lin), owns 2 gyms.

When hopelessly single, Guan Xiao Fei (Hye-Sun Koo) returns a lost item to Lei Wu Wu (Wei-Hsun Na), he shows his gratitude by revealing that he is a sales-representative for Kronos Heaven. See full summary » In a family of six children, Tao-Hua (Cyndi Wang) is both the youngest and only girl!� But he couldn't help to fall deeply in love with Ella. � What is he going to do now there's a love triangle at hand? Attention everyone, Actually this story is not about GUILUN but I decided to post this story again as Gui Lun. They both have the qualities which make them remarkable and distinguishable from the other versions. I watch it both and I can say the taiwanese girl Ella chen.. by the way the girls in both versions are not ugly.. The hana kimi taiwan rockz because i really love ella chen who play the role of mizuki and she is really beautiful and cute. If you ARE REALLY a FAN of Hana Kimi, we should not bash the characters of the opposite version since we just like the other. K-Population is an online store that sells all things Asian, from K-pop merchandise to Korean fashion to cute asian gadgets. Check us out on Tumblr (k-population.tumblr.com) or contact AFF user Aishmin Chun Wu is in love with Rainie Yang but alas, he's also in love with Ella Chen, the witch. To any girl of course it is a dream come true~ But can he, Shota , who is also Rumored PLAYBOY only have Gui Gui in his heart???

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