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For instance, to walk from Market to NW 65th along 17th Ave NW, the map predicts it will take about ten minutes. The routes on the Seattle Walking Map come from a variety of sources, including The Feet First walking advocacy organization, King County, and SDOT.As Seattle residents know — and as visitors quickly pick up — city streets vary in slope from pancake flat to whoo-boy steep. Routes follow sidewalks, shoulders on quiet streets, and park trails.Aimee Sutton, Haller’s defense attorney, had asked that her client be allowed to return to the house.Bryan’s decision could delay Haller’s return up to 10 years, when his probationary term is scheduled to expire.In an unusual move, the prosecution did not seek a prison term for Haller.It seems only one other Western Washington child pornography defendant -- a woman caught trading child pornography online -- has received such a request in recent years.Twenty- and thirtysomethings crowded the dimly lit bar at Pergola, a Mediterranean spot in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, munching on skewers of free-range chicken and a seemingly endless cascade of spicy meatballs with tzatziki sauce, as a hoodie-clad co-founder boasted about the company’s recent triumphs. The startup, whose app allows users to hire, pay, and rate home cleaners, had just completed its one-millionth booking.

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Handy’s third birthday party last month was everything you’d expect from a startup soiree.

This new series of maps divides Seattle into three sections: north, central, and south.

Adjoining sections of the map include a limited amount of overlap, should the selected route cross from one section to another.

Women should take a clutch only big enough to house a wallet, cell phone and lipstick, while men should keep their phones and wallet in their jacket or pants pockets. On a date, a nice outfit is very likely to garner a sincere compliment, which can parlay into an interesting and fun conversation. Wear clothing that fits well but is not uncomfortably tight, itchy, or constraining, and shoes that are pretty but not painful. Stylists advise picking one area of the body to highlight.

“I like your necklace” maybe be followed by, “Thank you! If you might be outside in chilly weather, plan ahead and bring a coat. If you feel good about your legs, pick a dress with a shorter skirt, a modest neckline and sleeves; if you feel good about your arms, wear a sleeveless or on-trend off-the-shoulder top with flattering pants.

But at other times, you want a dating app that just lets you get down to the fun part of dating.

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