Bret and ambre dating


Not an HBO series like John Adams or reruns of The Sopranos.No, it’s those damn-fool reality shows that hook me.Like my vet explained when I told him my dog wasn’t eating her Beneful after I’d fed her steak, “Who’s gonna choose broccoli when there’s Bluebell?

“I was really excited about being on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to show that there’s also another side [to me],” he added.For those of you who weren’t hooked on VH1's Rock of Love 2, Daisy was one of the last two Rockettes standing in the reality show allegedly designed to find love for Poison vocalist Bret Michaels.Daisy didn’t make the cut (“The tour ends here,” he tells the losers) and last night Bret reunited with her and all the season's contenders, including his No.Ambre Lake was a contestant on season 2 of Bret Michaels “Rock of Love”, and ended up winning Brets heart.Like most aging models/actresses, Ambre Lake appears to have had plastic surgery.I had mentioned that Ambre Lake was one of the few contestants that did not have breast implants. But how things have changed for Ambre since she won Rock of Love 2!

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