Outsource dating tim ferriss


Tim Ferriss has plenty of sound advice for someone undertaking the grueling physical and psychological endurance test that is the miracle of modern air travel.

To avoid jet lag, book your flight on a Dreamliner if at all possible. Pop one gram of vitamin C every hour and lysine every few hours for the duration of your trip.

Co-founders Mark Anderson and Scott Valdez are overseeing a cherry-picked team of virtual assistants that are referred to as “007” Dating Assistants due to the “suave and sophisticated nature of their undercover interactions.” Yes, they are actually called “007” Dating Assistants.

For those guys who are looking to meet a lady but don’t have the time to devote to the due diligence, outsourcing the job is the obvious option.I was deeply inspired by Tim Ferriss' lifestyle of having the ability to travel the world and focus on doing the things he loved, while only having to work 4 hours a week. Most people spend their entire lives WORKING and looking forward to retirement, which is when they'll finally get the opportunity to travel and be free to do the things they really want in life.Whereas Tim believes that retirement isn't the goal, but rather we should LIVE and ENJOY our lives today. I told myself bait-and-switch is the oldest sales tool in the world, and it’s my fault for falling for it. Like, “The topic of priorities is an interesting one. Cut to the chase: Tell people who are full of sh*t that they’re full of sh*t When his book came out, there were vacuous, annoying comments all over my blog directing people to his book.Fortunately, as he rises to greet me -- clad in a reddish V-neck T-shirt and blue sweatpants by Rhone (a sponsor of his podcast) and a pair of flip-flops by Havaianas (not a sponsor) -- it’s clear he’s in good enough shape for both of us.

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