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This fostered the idea that these women were somehow capable of sniffing out the man who would help them birth the most genetically fit baby through having a diverse set of immune system genes to protect it against a variety of pathogens.

Scientists know that other animals seem to take similar smelly cues in their mate choice, so the idea that humans would do the same isn’t that far fetched.

Here’s how it all promised to work: The “mail odor” dating service offered to mail me a t-shirt to be worn for three days and nights.

My lived-in shirt would be sent back, cut into scent swatches, and then mailed to participants.

In return, the service will ship you potential mates' used shirts.

You then tell the folks at Smell Dating which candidates' shirts you liked (or could tolerate, at least), and if there's a mutual match, you'll receive each other's contact information. Smell Dating's FAQ explains that this process channels your "molecular intuition," referring to our noses' ability to detect potential mates' pheromones.

"Surrender yourself to a poignant experience of body odor," reads the description for Smell Dating, a new dating service that, as the name would suggest, matches people based on their reactions to each other's scents.

While most online dating sites offer a visual experience, asking singles to click or swipe based on photos, Smell Dating takes a completely different approach.

You may have even tried out a “pheromone party,” where singles bring in shirts they’ve worn for several days on end and then smell each other’s dirty laundry in the hopes of finding that perfect mate.I was about to plunge my nose into each of them and snort the sweaty residue of nine strangers’ armpits. Studies suggested that mate choice was determined by some combination of sex hormones and immune system compatibility, as detected by the human olfactory system.Smell Dating’s online matchmaking experiment was attempting to harness this discovery — and it just so happened to conveniently coincide with my own attempt to re-enter the dating world.The Internet has replaced fleshy experience with flat apparitions, avatars and painstakingly curated profile pics.Smell Dating closes digital distance by restoring your molecular intuition.The company will send you a shirt to wear for three days and three nights—without deodorant!

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