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One of the overarching themes that comes through when listening to their stories is the betrayal of their families, often by female family members, that exposed them to HIV, violence, and destitution.

Researcher Pauline Oostehoff talks about this in more detail in her blog post – The paradoxical role of families in women and girls’ health in slums.

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The median number of clients per week was seven (IQR 4–18 clients).

Even the previously naive South Sudanese and several Northerners (young girls and women) have been lured into the trade in a bid to earn a living and sexual freedom.

In a bid to revamp a country reeling from a protracted 21 year old civil war, it is a catch 22 scenario for foreign traders who want to export anything that can be sold in Juba-including sex.

The upsurge in sex trade, mainly booming along the border areas and in the main city has necessitated the influx of brothels, mainly operating as sex camps.

Among the brothels that have made house hold names include, Gumbo, Rock City, Jebel, Customs and Airport road among others, all located within Juba town.

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